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TYFONIC® Delta 8, Omnidirectional Sound Emitter

TYFONIC® Delta 8

Electrodynamic sound emitter for warning and public address (PA) applications.

In combination with Control Cabinet TK 1000 the Delta allows the maximum acoustic propagation on the horizontal plane, and excellent omnidirectional radiation.

A high acoustic efficiency is achieved through the unique design of the horns and the integrated compression elements.

The materials of the emitter have been chosen to withstand all clmates, from arctic to tropical. The device is totally maintenance-free. It is equally simple to fit to a house facade, house roof or freestanding mast. CE-labelled and complies with Directives 73/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC.

DesignationDelta 8
Ref. No. with 3” mast bracket255.30.095
Ref. No. with 4” mast bracket255.30.112
Ref. No. with 5” mast bracket255.30.113
Acoustical CharacteristicsRating
Sound Pressure Level, Lp118 dBA / 30 m
Fundamental Frequency400 Hz
Electrical CharacteristicsRating
Number of sound modules and compr. elements8 pcs
Power input2 x 400 W
Impedance per element at 1 kHz Sinus14 Ohm
Compression element resistance4,2 Ohm
Cable diameter10,5 mm
Connection cable, 5 x 2,5 mm25 m
Environmental CharacteristicsRating
Material of sound moduleAluminium
Colour of sound moduleNatural
Material, mast bracketGalvanised steel
Mast bracket for 3” standpipe, inside diameterØ 91 mm
Mast bracket for 4” stand pipe, inside diameterØ 114 mm
Mast bracket for 5” stand pipe, inside diameterØ 140 mm
Wind speed, max162 km/h
Operatin temperature-25ºC...+55ºC
Degree of protectionIP54
Size and WeightRating
Height2495 mm
Weight75 kg
TYFONIC® Delta 8