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Triple - TYFON® MKD 75/3 | Pnomatik

A pneumatic triple unit with flange for a 1 1/2” support pipe

A Special Sound

The tone of our well-known triple sound emitters is - to use an acoustical term - “complex”. That means a plurality of components in the frequency spectrum - in other words, many harmonical partial tones in addition to the fundamentals which are different for the three horns.

One advantage with this kind of sound is that its character is “alarming” and easily distinguished among other sounds.

A general demand on an alarm signals is the sound level being well above the noise level. With TYFON MKD 75/3 is experienced that the signal can be detected also in cases when such a condition is not prevailing.

TYFON® MKD 753 pnomatik

Technical Data

Frequencies:350 + 370 + 390 Hz
Sound pressure level (30m): 115 dB +/- 2 dB
Normal air consumption:
(free air)
20-30 l/s
Working pressure:
(before apparatus)
0.5 - 0.7 MPa (5 - 7 bar)
Weight:5 kg
Pipe dimensions:Ø 15/12 mm
Dimensions in mm
350 Hz435Ø 200370
370 Hz415Ø 200360
390 Hz385Ø 200340

Note: For a distinct code signalling, the pipe lengthbetween TYFON should not be more than 6 meter. Ref. no. 255 10 050

TYFON® MKD 753 pnomatik
Spare Parts
NO.NameMaterialRef. No.
4Housing completeBrass24510074
5Horn 350 HzThermoplastic32170867
6Horn 370 HzThermoplastic32170868
7Horn 390 HzThermoplastic32170869
8Screw M6S M8 x 35Stainless steel20801125
9Screw MSK6 M6 x 8Stainless steel20801793
10Screwing GA 15-R ½”Brass32300250
11Sign MKT75/35021771027
12Sign MKT75/37021771028
13Sign MKT75/39021771029

When ordering, please specify name and ref. no.


The sound emitter is made for a working pressure 0.5 – 0.7 Mpa directly at the inlet to the diaphragm housings. Consequently, some kind of pressure reduction has to be arranged for feeding the apparatus from common compressed air line. Normally, a choke plug does the job, inserted after the operating valve. The valve itself should have an orifice wider than the choke; otherwise the choke plug can be omitted. Valve TV 91, ½“ is preferred to be used for this apparatus. To avoid functional trouble, blow the supply pipe thoroughly clean before connection to the sound emitter.

Subject to alternation without notice.

A filter should be installed at the inlet of the operating valve to protect the signalling apparatus from dirt particles. A little oil or moisture in the air is harmless for the function. However, water pockets and sharp bends must be avoided.


The apparatus is manufactured of corrosion resistant materials and does not require painting. Diaphragm breakage never occurs at normal use unless the air pressure is considerably above upper limit. Adjustment of diaphragm or horn need never be made.

TYFON® MKD 753 pnomatik